2013 Review

My favorite events in photos from our activities throughout the past year.

Skiing in Breckenridge

To celebrate the group turning 30 we went skiing in Colorado.

Alisa and Earl in the snow

Earl, Phil and Rob ready to ski "caption="things

Atop the beginner hill.

Earl ski wipe out First major wipe out at full speed.

Alisa and Earl skiing during snow

Snow covered hot tub

Ski vacation group photo Rob, Phil, Anya, Earl and Alisa.

Brew Riot

Our second year pouring beer samples for the Brew Rioters, which is always a great time. Checkout our brews on the Necktie Brewery site.

Brew Riot break

Brew Riot coins

Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks

Our vacation to California to see the giant redwoods and experience those wonderfully mild summer temperatures.

California group picture

Alisa near Crystal Cave

Baby black bear A baby black bear crossing our path.

Alisa emerging from the giant The trail took us through the middle of this charred giant sequoia.

Earl hiking

Earl and Erica

Hiking sign

Yosemite Valley with Half Dome

Alisa near Half Dome

Grizzly Giant The Grizzly Giant doesn't disappoint.

Stupid raisins


Camping late in the summer with the family.

Ty and Earl bouncing Flight testing the trampoline.

Robbers Cave

Earl with Kouper and Ty

Craig, Ty and Remi

Earl belaying Kouper Rock climbing with the family at Robbers Cave State Park.

Earl belaying Craig Craig making his way to the top.

Caddo Lake

Oliver and Craig fishing Fishing in Caddo Lake State Park.

Oliver riding

Alisa kayaking


Ty with spiders

Craig and Ty cleaning the pumpkin

Ty, Oliver, and the pumpkin


Alisa and Earl Christmas

Alisa Pregnant An extra surprise is in store for 2014.

Earl rip riding Rip ridin' on a wild tricycle.

Marshalls and Mareshs Christmas

Alisa and the Christmas tree